A wintergarden with an unusual roof design

glass extension SDL Akzent roof plus and SL 60 bifold doors in beautiful landscaped garden

Our client’s brief to ODC was for an extension to their house which would allow them to enjoy their garden all year round, whatever the weather. They did not really need the extra space, but they wanted a living space which was different to what they already had.

ODC’s design evolved away from a standard ‘lean-to’ design into one which incorporated a ‘clam-shell’ roof which lent itself perfectly to the requirement of being able to open up completely the corner of the extension, providing a panoramic view of the garden. The design remained within the limits of Permitted Development rights.

ODC had to work closely with the client’s builder as there was a deadline of a family celebration which needed to be met. ODC’s surveyors drawings and notes, together with regular meetings with the builder, ensured that the project was delivered on time.

The project consists of an Akzent Plus roof, two sets of SL 60 folding door systems, one tilt and turn door for added ventilation, and SL 20 single-glazed doors between the house and the wintergarden.