About Rooflights

Introducing light through the roof is one of the most effective ways of adding a sense of space to your home.

ODC’s rooflights come in a range of sizes, and are suitable for all roof types, including flat roofs and areas with foot traffic. The range includes double-glazed options, opening roof-lights, different levels of energy efficiency, and solar control options.

Internal view of the ODC Gabled & Hipped combined Roof Lantern, installed in a modern home

Our flat rooflights give more of a contemporary finish whereas our lantern rooflights are particularly attractive for customers who prefer a more traditional feel.

ODC’s range of rooflights complements our other glazing systems and allows you to customise and enhance the look and finish of your living environment.

We would love to discuss your plans with you, and in the meantime please download any of the datasheets on specific products.

walk on roof lights rooftop

Rooflights gallery

Pyramid rooflight to maximise the light filtering through

ODC Pyramid Rooflight

Fixed rooflight in a residential home

ODC Fixed Rooflight

ODC Gabled & Hipped combined Roof Lantern installed in a contemporary detached home in Lyndhurst

ODC Gabled & Hipped combined Roof Lantern

ODC Fixed Rooflight

Light filtering from a fixed rooflight into a residential home

ODC Fixed Rooflight

Fixed rooflight in clay roof

square roof light

ODC Fixed Rooflight

electric rooflight - a traditional roof window opened and closed electronically

ODC Electric rooflight

Walk on rooflight on rooftop residential home

ODC Walk on Rooflight

Case study

Stunning detached new build in the new forest, detailing the glazing systems installed in the kitchen extension

A new build in the New Forest

A luxury home on the edge of the New Forest, where the brief was to capitalize on its stunning location...

Electronic rooflight

The ODC Electric rooflight can be opened and closed electronically to bring plenty of ventilation and daylight into your home.