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glass to glass corner windows for modern home

External glass walls for renovation projects

16 February 2021
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Sliding glass walls using a Modular system

If you admire the sleek glass facades featured in some new build architectural projects, it may interest you to know that a glass wall, or curtain walling as it is also known in the industry, can be a cost-effective option for a home renovation project.

Modular slimline aluminium fixed glass units are now available to form stunning glass walling. This unique modular construction means sliding glass doors and windows can be seamlessly incorporated into the design. It’s an exciting glazing solution if you are planning a refurbishment extension; curtain walling will bring light into your house and create a real design statement for your renovated home.

As an architectural glazing company, ODC specialise in the design and manufacture of glass structures and walls with dimensions and specifications to suit any property.

Curtain wall entrance and glass corner windows for modern house front
A ground-to-roof curtain wall section is possible, as installed here to create a high-impact entrance.

External glass walling for modern and period homes

Glass walls look stunning in contemporary homes; however, such structures can also create striking architectural contrasts in more traditional homes. Barn conversions will often incorporate glass sections into an entire gable end. In Oxfordshire, a curtain wall incorporating folding doors is the much loved feature of this cottage makeover.

ODC Aluminium curtain walling and bifolding doors installed in Cottage Oxfordshire

External Glass to Glass designs

Slim sight lines are possible with aluminium modular glass walling. Capped glazing with a slim 50mm frame profile visible from the outside or capless glazing where the glass gives the impression of being a single sheet are both options for glass walls. And it’s possible to install individual panes up to an extraordinary 5 metres  x 5 metres in size to create a curtain wall with real drama.

A popular use of curtain walling is at the back of a house where it can create a double-height space which floods the rear of a property with light on two levels – ideal for homes that are not overlooked from this aspect.

Glass Wall sections with Customised finishes

The size and shape of glass wall sections are completely bespoke to the building, complementing or contrasting with the existing architectural features with frames in any RAL colour. Glass can be solar-control coated or frosted in places, depending on requirements. This award-winning home has external glass walls on first and second floors set back behind uprights finished in burnt oak. The floor to ceiling glazing has integrated sliding doors and glass balustrades.

New build glass curtain walling and glass box window

Security and openings for glass walling

Not only do curtain walls look impressive, but the flat surfaces of curtain walling are also very secure, meeting the same British Standards as aluminium doors and windows.


Curtain walling for new build design
The entrance to a home near Richmond Park has an impressive double-height glazed entrance to display a statement chandelier.

Glass wall thermal efficiency

Glass curtain walling is very thermally efficient. When building regulations changed requiring thermal efficiency for commercial glazing to match residential standards, it meant that glass curtain walling became more readily available for residential projects. The result: cost-effective high performance glass wall panels for any home renovation.

An architectural glass design team will take into account factors such as your home’s location, orientation and wind loads. The strength of the glass façade comes from the steel frame depth to which the glass is secured with hidden fixings. Frame depths can vary from 50mm to 250mm.

How external glass walls are made and installed

Our technical department calculate the exact specification for each glass wall installation. They are then custom-made in our Poole factory and transported in sections to be assembled on site. Our installation teams are all trained in assembly, co-ordinating with your builder to ensure a smooth process.

Find out more about ODC modular glass extension design for extensions and garden rooms featuring fixed panels, glass roofs and sliding or bifold door systems

For guidance on curtain wall glazing design for your project, please give us a call. We’re happy to help.