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A modern extension with rooflight

The best flat rooflights for glass extensions

3 January 2023
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Why include a rooflight in your glass extension design?

Rooflight for extension


  1. Contemporary aluminium frameless rooflights
  2. What do aluminium rooflights look like from the inside and out?
  3. Rooflights that do more than just let in the light
  4. What are lantern rooflights?
  5. Customised flat rooflights for extensions
  6. Rooflights spotlight key areas of an extension
  7. Rooflights for quality of interior light
  8. Rooflights capture a view
  9. Rooflights for kitchen/dining extensions
  10. Rooflights to suit large open plan extensions
  11. Rooflights for period home extensions
  12. Walk on rooflights for period home extensions

Without a doubt rooflights improve the look and feel of your internal spaces. They add valuable extra natural light and offer compelling sky views. A rooflight positioned above a dining or seating area creates an uplifting focal point for a new extension and works with large sliding doors to create a beautiful light-filled space.

Contemporary aluminium frameless rooflights

Our aluminium rooflights are designed to be elegant and minimal. They are bespoke to individual homes and are built to order. With dimensions up to 4 or 5 metres in length they add drama to any extension.

Whether they are fixed roof lights or opening models, roof light windows can be fitted with solar control glass to minimise UV fading or tinted or obscured glass for privacy.

Installed in flat roofs and pitched roofs between 5 and 45 degrees, they have a small upstand to allow weatherproofing around the frames and keep the structure weathertight. They are energy-efficient, double or triple glazed units with exceptional thermal performance and water tightness.

What do aluminium rooflights look like from the inside and out?
Fixed rooflights for glass extension in London

From inside you’ll only glass! From the outside you’ll see a low minimalist profile and a clean modern appearance.

Rooflights that do more than just let in the light
Fixed rooflights for glass extension in London

Rooflights also provide important ventilation and access to terraces and balconies. The ODC Electric Opening Rooflight can be installed on roofs with a minimum pitch of 5°and a maximum pitch of 45°. It has an upstand height of a minimum 150mm. It can be installed with a fully automated opening mechanism.

We also offer hinged access rooflights, sliding rooflights, fire rated pyramid and lantern rooflights. Our Access Rooflights are high specification, safe access models where easy exit to a flat roof is required.

Discover more about ODC rooflights for extensions here.

What are lantern rooflights?
Hipped and gabled roof lantern on stunning ODC new build in new forest

Rooflights that extend up into elegant glazed pyramids and long atrium structures are stylish architectural focal points and bring superb light transmission to interiors. Once a classic feature of period homes, you can opt for glass roof lanterns in a contemporary style. Whether heritage or minimalist in design, both are available in custom-made dimensions to suit your home.

Customised flat rooflights for extensions

Bespoke rooflight designs make a huge difference to the success of our customer projects. Flat rooflights extend living spaces without losing light levels in existing areas. Multiple rooflights create an atrium effect for an extension and a single large rooflight draws natural light down to a kitchen, dining or seating area.

Rooflights spotlight key areas of an extension
SL800 slimline aluminium sliding doors, fixed windows and rooflights for extension in London

Bespoke fixed rooflights and high-level slot windows contribute to the atrium ambience.

Rooflights for quality of interior light
ODC SL700 with rooflights

Three long rooflights ensure this interior has an exceptional quality of light. UV glass panel coatings protect furnishings from the strong summer sun.

Rooflights capture a view
Rooflights capture a view

A central first floor mezzanine has a dramatic fixed triple rooflight window – offering a spectacular outlook and snug comfort for wild and windy days.

Rooflights for kitchen/dining extensions
Bifolding Aluminium doors with rooflights and bespoke windows for bungalow extension in essex

A set of fixed rooflights flood the working kitchen area with daylight.

Rooflights to suit large open plan extensions
open plan extension with large rooflight and sliding doors

This extension’s flat roof has a large central frameless glass rooflight over 4 metres in length. 

Rooflights for period home extensions
rooflight illuminates dining area

A large rooflight above the dining table brings valuable light to an extension for a period London home

Walk on rooflights
Sliding doors and walk on rooflight for garden extension Winchester

An internal opaque walk-on rooflight allows subtle but essential light to filter into the lower-ground floor bedroom below, all manufactured to British Standards for safety and security.

To find out more about ODC’s roof lights please get in touch, pop into a showroom or take a closer look at our recent customer projects. Our technical team will welcome an informal chat to discuss your project in more detail.


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