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penthouse location for sliding doors


Cero sliding doors maximise location potential

Menier Penthouse, London SE1, is a location venue for events and photoshoots. To capitalise on the stunning views of the property, its original windows have been replaced by a bespoke sliding door system. Access to the large balcony is now effortless and the views even more breathtaking.

The over-sized panes and slimline frames of the Cero system create a compelling wall of glass and yet its tracking and glide technology allow visitors to step out to enjoy the city panorama night or day with ease.

Project Type: RENOVATIONS, COMMERCIAL Systems: SLIDING DOORS, ODC CERO Location: Central London Glazing Highlights: Floor to ceiling sliding doors create a wall of glass


Cero sliding doors for coastal locations
UNINTERRUPTED HARBOUR VIEWS: Over-sized sliding doors maximise the view
SLIDING DOORS FOR PERFECT REVERSE LIVING: Stunning vistas captured by slim profile sliding systems
ODC 300 sliding doors for coastal homes
GLAZING FOR CONTEMPORARY COASTAL HOME: Sliding doors maximise breathtaking views


Single handed operation of sliding doors at the ODC Poole showroom
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Sliding doors demo at ODC Poole showroom
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