Entrance doors

For a lasting first impression

It’s true what they say, first impressions are important – and that includes your front door.

To complement your new aluminium windows, a fresh entrance door completes the look. But why stop there? High quality rear or side doors are equally essential from both aesthetic and security standpoints.

Our two ranges of aluminium entrance doors provide suitably bold, contemporary design statements as well as excellent thermal insulation levels. They are also very durable, withstanding constant use.

With the ultimate in choice and exclusivity, you can design the profile of your entrance door with a selection of surface colours, and customise the fittings.

The ODC Front Door Collection offers five distinctive designs in Anthracite Grey or any RAL colour. For added reassurance, their high security locks have Secured by Design certification.

If high-tech features are a deciding factor for your front door, the KOMPOtherm collection even includes finishing touches such as a digital door camera, a two-way audio video intercom and automatic 7-point-lock with a fingerprint or wireless control system.


With the latest technology and quality German engineering, these doors offer the perfect combination of security and performance.

Beautifully handmade doors… as individual as you are.

entrance doors gallery

ODC Pampero aluminium front door – four window design

KOMPOtherm aluminium entrance door, model E-243

ODC Harmattan entrance door with glass sidelights

KOMPOtherm aluminium entrance door, model E-282

KOMPOtherm aluminium entrance door, model E-282

ODC Harmattan aluminium front door with horizontal sectional design

KOMPOtherm aluminium entrance door, model E-260

ODC Khamsin aluminium front door – three window design

KOMPOtherm aluminium front door model E-269L installed in a modern detached house

KOMPOtherm aluminium entrance door E-243

KOMPOtherm aluminium entrance door, model E-265 AL

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