Cero Floor To Ceiling Sliding Door

With panel sizes of up to 4000mm wide and up to 6000mm high, the possibility of having moveable floor-to ceiling glazing is now a reality with the advent of this ground-breaking product. 
The Cero sliding door system

The opening possibilities of this aluminium sliding glass door system are almost unlimited – opening from the right, the left and from a corner. There are even free-standing corner solutions, so that no post is left standing when opened. Panel sections are almost completely integrated into the surround frame, which fits flush against the wall, ceiling and floor.

You can see why it’s also known as the invisible sliding door or invisible window as it almost disappears into the surrounding structures leaving just 34mm visible all around the edges. View the Cero Gallery.

The panel frame is 72mm, with glass thickness of a maximum of 54mm. The surround frame is 91mm (for a single runner), 197mm (for a two runner) and 303mm for a three-runner.

Cero sliding system gallery

ODC75 oriel windows, plus Cero sliding system with balustrading

Cero sliding doors for admiring the cityscape

Kitchen sliding glass doors installed in London (Cero)

Sliding System Cero

Slimline sliding floor-to-ceiling system Cero, installed in a luxury modern kitchen in Kingston Upon Thames

Sliding slimline floor-to-ceiling door system Cero

Cero sliding doors open onto full-length balcony

Large modern kitchen has 2 large Cero sliding doors in a period home in London

Cero – Sliding slimline floor to ceiling door system

Sliding slimline floor to ceiling door Cero installed in a residential home in Poole Harbour, Dorset

Sliding slimline floor-to-ceiling door system – Cero

Cero slimline floor to ceiling sliding doors system in Poole Showroom

Cero Sliding System

sliding slimline aluminium door tracks of the Cero system

Sliding System Cero

Cero Slimline Sliding System linking tropical garden to basement refurbishment

Case study

Kitchen sliding glass doors installed in London (Cero)

Large kitchen extension in North London

This project was a complete house refurbishment in North London, where the clients undertook a large extension at the back...

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The new and unrivalled sliding door system - the 'invisible' window.