Aluminium has had a huge impact on contemporary design, not least the design of buildings around the world. Benefits include its versatility, strength and low maintenance, among others.

When aluminium windows for houses first started to become more usual in the 1970s, they were somewhat basic metal strips. They had limited aesthetic appeal, yet they often framed the ‘new’ energy-saving double glazing. Fast forward to the present day and decades of technical refinement mean aluminium frames offer us attractive sleek profiles and vast colour choice.

What is aluminium?

Aluminium is one of the most widespread metals on earth, third only to oxygen and silicon. Most aluminium is mined as a compound or mineral such as bauxite. After processing, the final metal alloys are used for a huge host of applications from construction to transport, packaging and consumer goods.

wintergarden aluminium solarlux SDL Akzent Plus and bifold SL 60 doors in a residential home

Aluminium windows and doors

There are several good reasons why aluminium is such a popular choice for sliding or folding doors and windows.

Versatility – aluminium offers a solution for almost any project including contemporary and classic styles.  At our Poole factory we manufacture bespoke windows and doors for both domestic and commercial buildings. Using aluminium enables us to make a variety of frame shapes and profiles, equally suitable for a single window or a large ‘glazed wall’.

Durability and strength – this combination of qualities enables larger windows with slim frames to be manufactured, as well as so-called frameless sliding doors. Stylish, and decidedly sought-after, they let more light into the house while simultaneously offering a wider view.

Low maintenance – aluminium window and door frames are highly weather resistant, even in areas of more severe weather. They need just a wipe with a damp cloth to keep them looking as good as new.

Colour choice – hundreds of colours in different anodized finishes are available to suit your home and style.

Performance – superior levels of thermal insulation are built into the frame to offer excellent energy efficiency. A choice of double or triple glazing further protects from heat and cold, while both frame and glass help to provide noise reduction from outside the home.

Recyclable – 100% of aluminium can be re-used and 75% of all aluminium is still in use. Recycling rates for aluminium are 92-98% according to European Aluminium.

Guarantee – the above benefits and reliability allow us to offer a 10-year guarantee on all our windows, structures, folding or sliding doors.

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