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Corner to corner glass for garden glass house

Glass Garden Rooms: design & advice

31 January 2024
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Glass Garden Rooms: ODC shares tips

Multi-purpose and versatile in design, suitable for home-working, relaxing or as a home gym, a garden room is a real asset to any property. A properly insulated glass garden room is a particularly attractive addition – a light, bright space that the whole family will enjoy and use all year round.

The best glazing for a glass garden room

If the idea of a glass garden room appeals, we suggest being bold with the dimensions of your glazing when discussing a design with your architect or contractor.  Standard glazed doors are 1981mm high, but if you go for full height glazing – we’re talking about sliding doors or bifolds with glass panes over 2700mm high, your space will feel larger and less claustrophobic, with maximised light and views.

Create a glass wall with sliding doors

A sliding door system is a great way to create an impressive glass room. Two or three moving panels set in minimal frames with ultra-slim sightlines can easily span the six, seven or more metres of your garden annex, delivering expansive views and a great sense of space. Sliders run on noiseless steel tracks set in flush thresholds and make the transition from room to patio seamless.

This contemporary garden room designed and built by coastal carpentry is a breakaway adult space for a Dorset home: its two ODC SL320 sliding doors offer minimalist frames and maximum light.

Sliding doors with black frames for contemporary garden room

Bifolds : more frame visibility but lots of benefits

Bifolds, of course, have the capacity to fold right back, and out or inwards for that ‘no wall at all’ look. There is more frame visibility but choose a system robust enough to hold extra-large and wide glass panels, and you can have impressive floor to ceiling glass in your garden room. A system with an easy access traffic door means you can pop in and out on chilly or rainy days.

This new build home has a poolside garden room. Two ODC121 bifold systems give generous access to the pool and lawn. It’s an insulated space, the perfect outdoor gym and luxury garden room combined for friends and family.

Bifolds for home gym and versatile garden room

Fixed windows: more light, more views

Love the idea of a dual aspect garden room? Orientating your room to maximise morning or afternoon sunlight doesn’t mean you have to miss out on views and light from another direction. Add a large fixed full length picture window and you’ll gain a valuable dual aspect. Fixed windows are bespoke to your building design and are glazed with the same high performance insulating glass as sliding doors and bifolds.

This garden room is a multi-use space situated in the beautifully landscaped garden of a contemporary new build home in London. It has dual aspect sliding doors, but also a full height fixed window – a glazing solution to maximise light and ensure some privacy. Its design reflects the main house and there’s no doubt it’s a great place to workout.  Check out our project video page and see for yourself!

Garden Room with fixed glass and doors for contemporary new build


Architect-Designed Glass Garden Rooms

Geting a small space right is what architects do so well.  Maximising light, comfort and versatility in garden buildings with the tightest of dimensions are their areas of expertise.

Many of our clients specify a garden room when finalising plans for a new home with their architect, which makes complete sense. It’s a cost-effective move, as you’ll have a strong design that’s in harmony with the main build, and you’ll have the cost benefits from contractors and glazing suppliers already on site.

This glass room is a home gym built at the same time as the main house; it reflects the look and character of the main building, a stylish contemporary home with glass to glass windows and sliding doors on every level.

Garden office with sliding wall of glass

Sometimes we return to past projects to install glazing for garden rooms. Clients are looking for glazing to match the look and quality of the doors and windows we originally supplied for the main house. They want a complete aesthetic for their home, its landscaping and any garden buildings, and we can see it really maximises their investment.

Featured: The Glass House by Twinning Design

Corner to corner glass for garden glass house

A garden room is not only an option to work from home, but a very cool space. You’re able to separate yourself from the main dwelling, to work in peace, but still be close by.

Enrico Cherubini, Twinning Design

Photography: Simone Morciano

Read more about the Glass House project and an architect’s thoughts on garden room design.

Garage conversion garden rooms

If a new build garden room is not on the cards and you have an under-used garage, then a glazed garage conversion is a great option. Slimline glass sliding doors and fixed picture windows will open up a dark  interior to become a bright, light gym, games room or home office.  This garage conversion has become a relaxing home cinema, with a three panel sliding sytem and a huge end fixed window replacing two original walls. It’s part of a larger garden extension which features sliding glass across the entire back of the house. There’s no doubt this family enjoy their garden.

ODC success factors for garden rooms

In our experience:

Engage an architect
An architect-designed garden room means you’ll get a strong design solution to suit your lifestyle and a harmonious look for your main house, landscaping and garden room.

Approach an architectural glazing specialist

Specialist glazing contractors will ensure your garden room glazing is matched, with sight lines and finishes to suit your architect’s design. They have strong and often existing working relationships with contractors, are focused on resolving any access and pre-installation preparation issues, and committed to quality outcomes and mutual job satisfaction. Your garden room glazing will be guaranteed, professionally designed, delivered and installed for your peace of mind.

Choose aluminium high performance glazing
Thermally efficient, with slim low maintenance frames powder-coated in any colour, aluminium windows and doors not only give your garden room the wow factor, they’ll ensure your project will add value to your overall property –  more than 1.5 times its original cost.

Here’s to your successful garden room project, whether it’s just to sit back enjoy views of your garden or a sanctuary to work, workout or watch that timeless movie in peace! 


Find out more about ODC modular glass extension design for extensions and garden rooms featuring fixed panels, glass roofs and sliding or bifold door systems

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