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Glass balustrades on new build house in Dorset

FENSA Certification and other accreditations explained

15 April 2024
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ODC Glass is a FENSA Sliding Door Manufacturer

FENSA is a UK government-authorised scheme that monitors building regulation compliance for replacement windows and doors. Every FENSA [Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme] Approved Installer is assessed regularly by FENSA to ensure its standards are continually maintained – and these standards apply across the industry, from your one-man UPVC window installer to bespoke aluminium glazing designers and fabricators like us.

As a FENSA scheme member, ODC Glass has passed stringent checks to ensure our products and installation comply with Building Regulations.

If you order new windows, doors or roof lights to replace existing glazing in your home, you’re required by law to prove that your replacement glazing complies with Building Regulations.

If you sell a property, your buyer’s solicitor will need to see evidence that your windows meet the building regulations. Evidence can be in the form of Building Control inspection for compliance or FENSA certification.

However, it’s important to realise FENSA certificates only cover straight replacement doors and windows. We’ll supply a certificate to accompany your replacement glazing if specifically requested by you at the point of sale and prior to survey.

When a FENSA certificate doesn’t apply

As specialists in architectural glazing, most of our installations are bespoke projects such as:

  • New build properties
  • Glazed extensions
  • Glass side return or infill extensions
  • Glazed garden rooms
  • Glass balustrades for terraces and balconies
  • Glass walling and entrances
  • Conservatories

FENSA certification is not applicable for these types of installation. Glazing for these types of projects requires a Building Regulations certificate from the local building authority and, like many other aspects of your build (eg insulation, fire safety, ventilation), require certification by Building Control.


ODC Glass Accreditations for architectural glazing

So what accreditations are in place to ensure you are getting the best architectural glazing from ODC?

Independently Tested

ODC systems and products are independently tested by impartial third parties. Accredited UKAS laboratories put our systems through a series of robust tests for weather performance, thermal efficiency and fire resistance. They test sample products, carry out factory production audits and undertake periodic inspections to ensure the quality of our products.

A British Fenestration Rating Council Member

BFRC certification for windows and doors establishes an industry standard energy performance rating. The BFRC label confirms our products have been independently verified by industry experts and assessed to ensure products will perform to the standards stated.

Compliance with Building Regulations

As specialist glazing designers, we liaise with your architect to make sure all glazing specified by ODC for the project complies with the relevant planning rules and meets Building Regulations.

Building Regulations cover specific aspects of your glazing: its thermal performance, its safety and its impact resistance. You can read more about the building regulation requirements for glazing by visiting these links:

Building Regulations Part L1A and Part L1B for Glazing

Regulations and Building Practice for Glass Balustrades

Once your project is finished, you will receive a certificate from the local building authority proving that your building and its glazing comply with Building Regulations. It’s important documentation to retain for future reference. In general, a FENSA certificate is not required in addition.


How to obtain a Building Regulations Certificate for Architectural Glazing

You can obtain a Building Regulations Certificate for your glass extension, home renovation or new build through your local authority Building Control Body [BCB] or via an approved inspector.

BCB applications are usually completed online through your Local Authority Building Control or Planning Portal websites. All building projects require Building Control applications, even if they are exempt from Planning Permission. You should expect onsite inspections throughout the building process and on satisfactory completion of works they will issue a completion certificate.

Installation Expertise

Our installation teams have the industry-leading technical skills, equipment and safety awareness to work on site with competency and efficiency in the most complex projects.

glazing installation with crane and scaffolding


“We are so happy with the finished product, and when in the thick of a building project, the benefit of working with a supplier who sticks to the schedule that they provide with so much attention and consideration along the way cannot be measured. We would highly recommend ODC to anyone, the finished product also speaks for itself.”

Your technical glazing questions answered

To learn more about the quality and performance of ODC glazing, for specification support or request a quotation, please get in touch with the team.

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