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ODC energy efficient windows and doors

Ratings for Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

3 April 2023
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BFRC Rated Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

The British Fenestration Rating Council is a trusted and impartial rating council for evaluating and verifying the energy performance of windows and doors.

A BFRC Rainbow rating from (A++ – E) is applied to products and proves your windows and doors will perform as promised.

BRFC certification is proof that products are compliant with the latest Building Regulations for energy performance. Windows should have a rating of B and higher; sliding and bifold doors come with ratings of C and higher.

Unlike slimline frames, handles and finishes, energy efficiency isn’t something you can see, so the BFRC rating is really helpful when comparing products and making your glazing choices.

BFRC energy efficiency rating rainbow


WHY USE an Approved BFRC Manufacturer?

Manufacturers of quality windows and doors value impartial proof that their products will perform as promised. That’s why the BFRC was founded: to give companies like ODC the most trusted, simple and expert advice about energy efficiency and the ability to offer customers the reassurance that their products are compliant with the latest building regulations.

THE benefit of an Approved BFRC Installer

Installers of windows and doors should know about BFRC ratings and advise customers on their options for the most energy efficient products for homes – informed installers benefit from great referrals to generate business rather than relying on discounted prices to win a sale.

ODC Glass – a BFRC Approved Manufacturer and Installer

Our technical team has worked with the BFRC to establish Window Energy Ratings for our products where available and it’s a valuable tool for our customers looking for the best energy efficient windows and doors to replace existing windows or when choosing glazing for an extension.


These beautiful, large fixed picture windows are BFRC A-rated, offering masses of light and superb energy efficiency for a London townhouse renovationA rated energy efficient ODC picture window



Slimline casement windows with A-rated energy efficiency are perfect replacement glazing for a 1930s home on the coast

Slimline energy efficient windows with garden view


To find out more about ODC energy ratings for sliding doors, bifold doors and windows, please get in touch – our technical sales team will be really happy to have an informal chat about products to suit your project. Better still, why not drop into one of our showrooms in Poole or London to explore your options for the best architectural glazing?