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ODC sliding doors for a coastal home

Aluminium windows and doors: the ultimate choice

25 February 2021
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Why Choose aluminium windows and doors


1. Versatility: Aluminium doors can be made in any style

Aluminium offers a solution for almost any project including contemporary and classic styles. At our Poole factory we manufacture bespoke windows and doors for both domestic and commercial buildings. Using aluminium enables us to make a variety of frame shapes and profiles, equally suitable for a single window, a large ‘glazed wall’ or glass sliding doors.

Bifolding Aluminium doors with rooflights and bespoke windows for bungalow extension in Essex
Bifolding aluminium doors open up this kitchen extension and combine with rooflights and bespoke windows to create a bright open space for a bungalow extension in Essex.

2. strength: Aluminium sliding doors are available in larger sizes

The strength and durability of aluminium as a material means we can manufacture extremely large sliding doors and windows with minimal frames. Over-sized doors and windows fill a house with light and expand its views, making a property a delight to inhabit.

Read more about how large sliding doors were used in the design of a new build house in West Dorset.

3. Low maintenance: aluminium doors & windows need no painting

Aluminium window and door frames are highly weather-resistant, even in coastal areas exposed to more severe weather. They need just a wipe with a damp cloth to keep them looking as good as new.

SL800 50 sliding doors installed on the coast
SL800 aluminium floor to ceiling sliding door system with minimal frames offers stunning views of the Dorset coast

4. Performance: aluminium bifolds for the highest thermal efficiency and sound reduction

Superior levels of thermal insulation are built into the aluminium frames of all our bifold doors, sliding doors and windows to create excellent energy efficiency. A choice of double or triple glazing further protects from heat and cold, while both frame and glass help to provide noise reduction from outside the home.

5. Colours: Aluminium frames in countless shades

Aluminium door frames can be powder-coated in one of hundreds of RAL colours to suit your home and style. Dual finishes mean a totally bespoke look for your new glazing.


View from the inside of aluminium custom glazing structure - Crittall style
Curtain walling with customised Metro glazing beautifully complements this period home extension and classic Shaker kitchen

6. Recyclable: aluminium a sustainable choice for your home

100% of aluminium can be re-used and 75% of all aluminium is still in use. Recycling rates for aluminium in building materials are 92-98% according to European Aluminium.

7. Guarantee: all ODC aluminium doors and windows have a 10 year guarantee

The above benefits and reliability of aluminium allow us to offer a 10-year guarantee on all our windows, structures, folding or sliding doors.

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