Why choose aluminium-framed windows and doors?

Modern luxury home in Kingston Up Thames with sliding door systems ODC 300 & Cero and windows

There’s no doubt that aluminium is the leading light (pun intended) in contemporary window and patio door design. From slim profiles and ease of maintenance to bespoke shapes and eco-credentials, it’s often a hands-down winner for homeowners and architects alike.

It has a great many advantages as a glazing material – not least looks, strength, choice of colours, and longevity.

A word of warning though, the quality of aluminium-framed windows and doors can vary considerably and, although it seems obvious to state it, you get what you pay for.

Bespoke to you

Your aluminium-framed windows and doors will be made to measure, and the glass, threshold profile and many other considerations will be particular to your home, its site and aspect.

While wood and UPVC offer a degree of design flexibility, the versatility of aluminium means that you can explore an infinite choice of shapes to suit your project and the option of exceptionally large panel sizes.

Thermal values

All parts of the glass and frame will contribute to the U-value or thermal loss of any window or framed glass door. This includes the frame profile design and material, plus internal chambers, insulation material and gaskets.

Look out for frames with a low Uf-value, which is a sign of a good quality frame offering significant polyamide thermal break and insulation that prevents heat transfer through the frame.

Aluminium frames have improved significantly in recent decades but not all frames are created equal so be sure to see the products in person so you can see for yourself how robust the system is.

Remember that low Ug-values (for glass) are also important to give an overall low U-value for the entire window/door.

Cost and longevity

The initial outlay of an aluminium structure will typically be higher than other materials. However with a lifespan of up to 45 years, together with excellent thermal efficiency, today’s high-quality frames offer a premium choice with long-lasting benefits.

By choosing aluminium windows and patio doors, you are far less likely to need to replace them. We’ve found that our customers love their ODC glazing structures so much they return to us to specify them in second or subsequent homes.

Finish and maintenance

Aluminium frames are usually covered in a durable matt or gloss powder coating in a variety of colours. Metallic and textured finishes are also possible as are different colours for the inside and outside of the frames. An anodised finish is an alternative but can be easily scratched, so you should be aware of this in areas of high traffic.

Corrosion and weather resistant, aluminium frames are both hard-wearing and easy to maintain, keeping their good looks without rotting, discolouring, cracking or blistering. All they need is the occasional wipe to keep them looking like new, even in harsher environments such as windy coastal areas, where marine grade is also available.

Security first

The choice is yours, but aluminium and UPVC frames can be specified with multi-point locking systems as well as additional security features such as shoot bolts. Those tested to DIN EN1627:2011 have recognised burglar resistance.

Aluminium frames are very difficult to break into without smashing the glass, which modern glazing also makes challenging.

Sleek looks and ease of use

The strength of premium grade aluminium means less of it is required to hold the glass in place. Slimline frames lead to improved sightlines so you can enjoy a greater area of glass through which to take in the view to the outdoors.

Enormous glass panels – up to 6m x 4m – are possible for aluminium sliding doors. What’s more, the lightweight of aluminium compared to other materials makes sliding and bi-fold doors easier to open and close.

Helping the environment

With our intensified concern for the planet and aspirations to address waste in all its forms, aluminium is a consciously environmentally-friendly choice. It’s reassuring to know that, over the lifetime of your building, energy savings from installing aluminium frames will outweigh the initial energy input of producing the metal.

Additionally, as aluminium expands and contracts minimally in the heat and cold, no gaps appear resulting in draughts and heat loss or gain. Similarly, no annoying jams occur.

Aluminium has one of the highest recycling rates of any metal and is environmentally sustainable. Furthermore, there is no degradation of quality when it’s recycled at the end of its long and useful life.

To find out more about the benefits of aluminium windows and patio doors, please contact us.