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Black frame windows and doors for pavilion house in Cornwall

Black Frame Aluminium Sliding Doors: The Perfect Addition to your Home

28 July 2023
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The Aesthetic Appeal of Black Frame Sliding Doors

A Chic and Modern Look

Black frame sliding doors are perfect for those seeking a chic, clean and modern look, adding a dramatic element and contrast to any exterior. Internally, black frames create a bold high-contrast statement, a picture frame for external views. They can also act as a focal point, drawing the eye and adding depth to the space. 

Black is a neutral colour that can blend with any colour palette, making sliding doors in black a highly versatile option for your project –  minimalist, rustic or industrial. Black frames complement the warmth of wood, metallic finishes, natural stone and poured concrete, allowing for a wide range of design possibilities.


Aluminium doors and windows with a Crittall look

In the early twentieth century steel profile windows were developed by the Crittall company in the UK with strong, slimmer glazing bars than traditional wood to allow more light to a building’s interior. Initially used for manufacturing spaces, they soon became popular for residential properties. With a black galvanised all-weather coating, production spread globally to the USA and Europe, and they’re still in production today. 

Aluminium windows replicating the look of Crittall’s steel heritage black glazing bars are very popular. ODC Glass Metro offers a complete range to capture this look for your project. 

ODC Metro black glazing bars

 Metro offers a heritage, Crittall or retro look with all the versatility and high technical performance of aluminium – it’s the ideal material for bespoke glazing projects, particularly glass extensions and structures for period homes. 

Custom black glazing bars. A Wintergarden for London home

A semi-detached Victorian home is transformed by an extension featuring Metro’s black glazing bars

Black frame sliding doors never out of fashion

Perfect for an industrial, heritage look or art-deco style, aluminium black framed windows and doors were made popular by German and American architects in the post-war period.  

Renowned Bauhaus architect Walter Gropius described his ideal home as one ‘full of bright daylight and sunshine, alterable, time-saving, economical and useful in the last degree to its occupants whose life functions it is intended to serve.”

His Gropius House features slimline black framed windows and doors to maximise views of the landscape beyond. It’s an architectural style still referenced and emulated by many talented architects today.

Two Beautiful houses within landscapes

Gropius’ principles of integrating the house into the landscape and its gardens is very evident in two recent ODC Glass projects. They are very much part of their landscapes, with indoor-outdoor spaces that accentuate relationships between the structure and site. Trees, shrubs and hard landscaping are positioned to connect the buildings to nature.

Black is definitely back for homeowners wanting to capture the glamour and style of modernist architecture. These recent projects exemplify how black windows and doors define a house with style and panache.

Californian pavilion features black framed glazing


Inspired by the Californian pavilion architectural style, the owners have built a long, slender glass house near Cornwall’s wild Atlantic coast. In a sheltered valley full of trees and birdsong, this elegant modernist home offers a secluded haven, enveloped by nature. Black framed glazing is a dramatic counterpoint to its grey slate and stunning gold external finishes.

Glass walls and doors with black frames define the surroundings

Bauhaus home with black sliding doors looks out on Dorset coast

New build in Dorset with our ODC SL320

Slim-framed black aluminium sliding doors and fixed glazed panels frame the mesmerising views from this new Bauhaus-inspired home on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast. Its generous terrace and patio areas are effortlessly connected by sliding door systems to create spectacular inside/outside living space.

Pool room with black frame sliding doors define the veiw


Black is a standard finish – no extra cost 

ODC Glass offers sliding and bifold doors and a full range of fixed and casement windows in slimline aluminium black frames as standard. They have the high performance weather insulation and thermal benefits of all our premium glazing products. 

With a blend of aesthetic appeal and practical benefits that can enhance any space, black frame sliding doors  are an exciting, versatile, and functional choice for your extension or new build project.