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Bifolding Aluminium doors with rooflights and bespoke windows for bungalow extension in essex

Tall Bifold Doors: How to Maximise Natural Light

20 February 2023
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Looking for tall bifold doors to maximise your light?

Maximising natural light in the home has become an important consideration for modern homeowners. Large bifold doors with extra-tall panes of glass will do a great job. Here’s why:

Bifolds for Maximum Natural Light

The great benefit of bifold doors is that they can be opened up fully to create a large opening that allows natural light to flood in. This is particularly beneficial in rooms that have limited natural light, such as basements or rooms that face away from the sun. By installing bifold doors, you can bring more natural light into your home, making it feel brighter and more spacious.

Additionally, bifold doors can be used to connect indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a seamless transition between the two. This is particularly beneficial in rooms such as kitchens and dining rooms, where you can enjoy natural light while cooking and dining. By creating a connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, you can maximise natural light in your home while enjoying the benefits of outdoor living.

Customised tall bifolds to fit your space

Rather than buy standard height, off the shelf bifold doors, you can now specify bifolds that have floor t0 ceiling heights, delivering maximum light and a real design impact for your space, whether that’s a kitchen or living room extension or simply replacement glazing for a refurbishment.



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