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Best Bifold Doors for Your Project? Five ODC systems to compare

19 July 2023
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Best Bifold Doors for Your Project?

Five bifolding systems in the ODC range means an extensive choice for you and your architect in terms of styling, sightlines and panel sizes. We design, fabricate and install all our bifolding doors, taking care of everything in house and all our work is covered by guarantee. We have no doubt ODC Glass can offer the best in bifold doors for your project, with bespoke specifications and many optional features.

Our bifolds are premium products manufactured here at our facility in Poole, Dorset. With great build quality, contemporary lines, superb height and width capability and handles and running gear to match, they can be specified to have some of the best U-values in the industry. They are easily equal to products by high-end European bifold manufacturers.

aluminium bifolding doors

Which bifold door system is best for you?


Our technical team is continually engaged in the product development process to ensure we offer designs that suit contemporary UK homes and the latest, most exciting architectural design.

We now offer five systems, each with their own unique features and style:

ODC 121: the widest, most robust bifolds for very large openings

ODC99A: the slimmest, minimal sightlines

ODC99AH:  the tallest panels for elegance and impact

ODC147C: aluminium exterior and wood interior, the composite 

ODC143W: beautiful timber doors with an aluminium core

What’s in a name?

We tend to identify our systems by a design detail rather than by any fancy name.  Letters and numbers refer to design features or materials. In our bifold range, H denotes a system with extra height, C for Composite and W for Wood.

What all our systems have in common

  • Between 2-12 panels
  • Options for open or fixed corner designs
  • Easy access traffic doors
  • An extensive choice of powder coating colours
  • Optional marine grade coatings for exposed locations or pool environments
  • Tested to the latest security and weather performance standards
  • Insulated profiles and high-specification glass for superb energy efficiency
  • Safety glass
  • Multi-point locking
  • Robust steel hinges and door handles

Front view of bifold door systemODC Glass bifold standards

All our systems adhere to industry standards which mean our five systems are broadly the same, meeting UK building regulations for material quality, glass specification and security standards. There is little variation in powder finishes, aluminium frame profiles, glass, gaskets, handles and locks, too, but looks, sizes and aesthetics will differ between systems.

Contemporary aesthetics and slim sightlines

Sightlines for all our bifolding doors are measured where the door panels meet in the closed position. Inevitably, the outer frame is thicker as it houses the locks, rollers and guides. The system with the slimmest sightlines is the ODC99A – beautifully minimal and functional. We use a contemporary flat profile for all our aluminium doors, whereas the ODC143W wooden bifolding doors have a more traditional slightly chamfered profile. If bifold doors with a warm, timber finish will complement your interior, take a look at the ODC147C; its composite construction is very appealing.

ODC bifold panels for maximum sizes

In the ODC121 we have created a bifolding door system robust enough to suit extremely large, wide openings. The ODC99AH offers soaring floor-to-ceiling panels up to 3.5 metres in height. Both systems have low profile aluminium frames for stunning architectural glazing. Don’t settle for a system which puts limitations on your maximum size and therefore the all-important impact of your project’s glazing.

Flush thresholds

We can specify flush or low thresholds that level your inner floor surface with outer patio or terrace in all our systems. Our technical surveyors will advise on suitability for your location. At times prevailing weather or security issues may become factors in your final design.

Feel the quality in our bifolds

Visit a show room and you’ll see for yourself the quality of the running gear, the rollers and guides that make operation so effortless. Our bifolding doors take the weight on the bottom for the best functionality and reliability.
Handles have been designed to look and feel in keeping with each system’s aesthetic. Hardware fit and finish have been thoughtfully engineered with concealed fixtures where possible. It’s this kind of detail that matters to our designers.

bifolds garden extensionwhen Bifolds are best

While our sliding doors have slimmer sightlines and less visible frame compared to our bifolding doors, they are still ideal for certain types of property. Their fold and stack designs with handy traffic door opens up more to the outside than any sliding system.

Need advice on which ODC system is best for your project?

Our showroom teams will explain the features and benefits of all our systems – why not book a time to visit and have your own personal tour? We’re confident you’ll love the quality of our folding doors and leave with an appreciation of our superb after-sales support.

And for a more comprehensive and technical comparison of each system’s specifications, head over to our Bifolding Doors product page.


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