Scenic view of Poole Harbour

Clearly transparent

view out to the harbour, with floor to ceiling slimline sliding door system Cero in Poole, Dorset

The stunning location of this property meant that our clients were extremely clear in their requirements for this brief: a 4.8-metre wide sliding door system, with two-thirds fixed as a large pane of glass and one-third to be used as the smaller sliding element. This configuration would then optimise the views onto Poole Harbour.

The other important considerations of the brief were: the clients’ preference for minimal profile for both the surround and the mullions of the system; that the track would be flush with the level of the first floor and the balcony, giving the desired ‘outside-in’ feel; and, that the system should have the highest weather performance ratings, given the exposed harbour-side location. We specified the Cero system, which fulfilled all the requirements of the brief perfectly.

We think the finished job is simply breathtaking.

“Not only was the ODC Cero system, THE best system, it was also affordable!”
– Mr Mark Landers, Poole